Our Products

Wood and Charcoal Stoves

Ceramic EcoZoom StoveWood and charcoal stoves are super-efficient, environmentally friendly and safe. Originally designed for the rural wood-using market, the stoves also offer a sustainable, simple, cost-effective and clean cooking solution for campers and outdoor-enthusiasts.

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Solar Lights

Solar LightsSolar lighting products offer users the convenience of small, simple plug-and-play solar systems that use highly efficient LED lighting technology. Our systems come in a range of sizes and configurations to suit every need.

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Solar Lighting Systems and Power Supplies

Portable solar power systems are environmentally friendly, simple to use and can provide instant power to anyone, anywhere. Our easy ‘plug and play’ systems allow users to setup a range of appliances such as lights, chargers and various other USB devices.

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Efficient Cookers

Wonderbag Efficient CookerThe Wonderbag™ is an insulated cooker made up of two poly-cotton bags filled with expanded polystyrene (EPS) balls. EPS is ecologically harmless, contains no CFCs and is fully recyclable. The Wonderbag™ can hold a pre-heated dish safely for several hours while cooking its contents through heat retention.

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Productive Use Containers (PUCs)

PUC ContainerPUCs are shipping containers converted into secure business units, processing sites or community centres and fitted with the appropriate renewable energy infrastructure. PUCs are custom-made to users’ specifications and can be placed anywhere they are needed.

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